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Wolfs Head Lake Superior Tour-July 2003

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raingear_mels1.jpg (142446 bytes)  raingear_mels2.jpg (111545 bytes)
Off to a WET start.
Stayed the first night at Mel & Cathy's home in Petoskey,
prior to arriving in Minnesota.

1st DAY - Two Harbors Minnesota, to Houghton/Hancock, MI

fish_lips_july2003.jpg (125035 bytes)
1st Checkpoint - Fish Lipps in Cornucopia, WI (above)
Two Harbors Light Station (below)
two_harbors_light station01_july2003.jpg (130464 bytes)  two_harbors_light station02_july2003.jpg (137864 bytes)

2nd DAY - Houghton/Hancock, MI to Munising, MI

small_campground in Hancock Mi.jpg (216485 bytes)
Harry, Tom & DeWayne at Hancock Campground (above)
DeWayne at Eagle River (below).

eagle_river03_july2003.jpg (164708 bytes)  eagle_river04_july2003.jpg (163389 bytes)

small_dwayne at Picture Rock.jpg (158244 bytes)  pictured_rocks01_july2003.jpg (118093 bytes)  pictured_rocks06_july2003.jpg (168640 bytes)
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (above).
Keweenaw Waterway (below)
keweenaw_water_trail02_july2003.jpg (165146 bytes)

3rd DAY - Munising, MI to Wawa, Ontario

 taq_falls02_july2003.jpg (144191 bytes)   taq_falls03_july2003.jpg (150280 bytes)
Taq Falls (above)
Thunder Bay (below)
thunderbay01_july2003.jpg (120046 bytes)
  thunderbay04_july2003.jpg (135113 bytes)

4th DAY - Wawa, Ontario, to Nipigon, Ontario

aguasabon_river_gorge01_july2003.jpg (152923 bytes)  aguasabon_river_gorge04_july2003.jpg (145123 bytes)
Aguasabon River Gorge (above).
Home of Winnie the Pooh (below)
pooh01_july2003.jpg (106091 bytes)

5th DAY - Nipigon, Ontario to Two Harbors Minnesota 

breakfast_meeting_nipigon_july2003.jpg (107724 bytes)
Breakfast Meeting at the Husky House Restaurant (above)
Pallisade Falls State Park Cliffs (below)
palisade_head_cliffs02_july2003.jpg (106692 bytes)  palisade_head_cliffs01_july2003.jpg (150719 bytes)

temperance_river_gorge01_july2003.jpg (76533 bytes)  temperance_river_gorge03_july2003.jpg (141970 bytes)
Temperance River Gorge (above)
Gooseberry Falls (below)
gooseberry_falls01_july2003.jpg (146938 bytes)
  gooseberry_falls03_july2003.jpg (141253 bytes)


Click link below to see
harry_and_janet_july2003.jpg (128351 bytes)
 Harry & Janet's Photos (aka - Gecko & Red)

Wolf's Head Motorcycle Tour & Rally
Sponsored by, Lake Basin Promotion Inc.
The Wolf's Head Motorcycle Tour & Rally starts with a 1,500 mile ride around Lake Superior. The tour leaves Two Harbors, Minnesota in two groups one on the 12th of July and the other on the 13th. The tour is a go at your own pace ride with mandatory checkpoints along the way so that the chase vehicle knows that all the riders are still in front of him. The tours end back at the rally site, the Lake County Fairgrounds in Two Harbors, Minnesota, where they receive ether numbered belt buckle, patch and certificate for completing the tour. The rally begins on the 17th of July and runs to the20th. The rally consists of guided and self-guided day rides, vendors, bike show, bike games, music and prize drawings. All bikes are welcome.  


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