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 Trip to Virginia Beach - Summer 2000

We packed up the truck & trailer, the Jeep, both dogs and DeWayne's father and headed to Virginia Beach for the arrival of our daughter Crystal and her ship. The USS Eisenhower was arriving August 18th.  We had 3 days to drive there, 4 days to stay and 3 days to drive back.

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0002_first_camp.JPG (64348 bytes)  0003_herb__fire.JPG (89125 bytes)  0011_cheryl__herb.JPG (55020 bytes)  0014_Enterprise.JPG (37165 bytes)
Campground, Grandpa watching dinner, Touring Norfolk on 8/17/00(above-left to right)

night_before-1.JPG (44661 bytes)  night_before-2.JPG (39833 bytes) 
 The "Night Before" Party - 8/17/00. (above)

Ike-12.JPG (18362 bytes)  Ike-26.jpg (24191 bytes)
 8/18/00 am - Welcome Home Ike! Click here for more photos. 

0201_Crystal__Jeremy-2.JPG (42572 bytes)  0303_Storage_unit-3.JPG (38575 bytes)  0404_Crystal__Dogs-5.JPG (57490 bytes)  0501_KOA-2.JPG (63073 bytes)
8/18/00 -  Crystal & friend, Getting their stuff out of storage, Crystal with her dogs,
The sailors visit us at the KOA in Virginia Beach. (above - left to right) 

Crystal__DeWayne_cooking01.JPG (46458 bytes)  group01.JPG (47976 bytes)  Jeremy_cooking01.JPG (38340 bytes)  Campfire_music.JPG (39448 bytes)
8/19/00 - Crystal & DeWayne cooking, Dinner for family & guest, Jeremy helps cook dessert, Herb plays some campfire music (above - left to right).

Crystals_hanger.JPG (25779 bytes)  Wall01.JPG (34005 bytes)  Crystals_jets01.JPG (26744 bytes)  Crystal_DeWayne_Herb__jets.JPG (27903 bytes)
8/20/00- Crystal's Hanger and her Jets (above - left to right).
We also toured the IKE, click here to see those photos

last_camp-Crystal_building_fire.JPG (42125 bytes)  last_camp.JPG (34512 bytes)
8/21/00- Almost home!  DeWayne & Herb watch Crystal build the fire (above) 8/22/00 - Stopped at the Fenten Glass Factory Outlet in Williamstown, WV.  We enjoyed a tailgate lunch before heading to Wolfie's in Zanesville, OH. Too tired to take any pictures.

Cheryl_at_Homestead.JPG (28573 bytes)  Crystal__DeWayne_at_Homestead.JPG (50087 bytes)  Crystal__Apple_Basket.JPG (28551 bytes)  Crawford_Barn.JPG (29497 bytes)
8/23/00- We even had time to stop home at the
Longaberger Homestead in Ohio on the way home (above).

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