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Veterans Biker Rally- July14-16, 2006
Saulte Ste Marie, Michigan
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Left Friday morning from American Legion Post 397, heading to the U.P. (above)
Group stops for a drink (left, below) DeWayne and I meet up with Rocky and Deb (right, below)
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Soo Locks & Park (below)
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Getting ready for the parade on Saturday morning (above) Parade downtown (below).

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DeWayne at American Legion Post 3 (left), Just one of the ships passing by was "Indiana Harbor" (middle) One of the stops on the Fox Run (right). DeWayne said they had the best chicken wings he has ever had. (above)

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Bike Rodeo Games (above) Jim & Chris won 2 events (below)

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Bike & Veteran Blessing Sunday morning (below)

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Lunch at one of my favorite spots, Leggs Inn in Cross Village. (above)
Stopped in Petosky and visited with Mel and Cathy. Cathy gave me a tour our her beautiful gardens (below). 

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