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In May of 2002, DeWayne & I traveled out west.
Our destination was to visit friends in Spokane, Washington.
We stopped and camped along the way,
most of our sight-seeing was done in South Dakota and Montana.

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walldrug.jpg (49205 bytes)  sd_corn_palace.jpg (69517 bytes)  
Wall Drug -
Wall, S.D.(left), The Corn Palace - Mitchell, S.D.(right) above.

     sd_crazy_horse1.jpg (41837 bytes)
Crazy Horse Monument (still under construction) above.

Little Town on the Prairie-Home of Laura Ingalls Wilder
DeSmitt, S.D. 

little_town2.jpg (73493 bytes)  little_town1.jpg (58754 bytes)
House that Pa built (left)  Surveyors House (right) above.

little_town3.jpg (83120 bytes)  little_town4.jpg (64635 bytes)
Cemetery where Charles (Pa), Caroline (Ma), Mary, Carrie are buried (above).

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mt_rushmore1.jpg (67327 bytes)  mt_rushmore2.jpg (68468 bytes)  mt_rushmore3.jpg (65535 bytes)  
Mount Rushmore (above)

mammoth_site1.jpg (52089 bytes)  mammoth_site2.jpg (63244 bytes)  mammoth_site3.jpg (83359 bytes)
The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, S.D. (above)
mammoth_site4.jpg (47817 bytes)  mammoth_site5.jpg (45799 bytes)  mammoth_site6.jpg (43064 bytes)

Custer State Park, South Dakota (below)

custer_sp2.jpg (35265 bytes)  custer_sp3.jpg (27085 bytes)  custer_sp5.jpg (52699 bytes)
Bison (or Buffalo) above

custer_sp1.jpg (34014 bytes)  custer_sp7.jpg (34733 bytes)
Cheryl feeding the Begging Burros (above)

custer_sp4.jpg (44307 bytes)  custer_sp6.jpg (58696 bytes)
Two of the Tunnels (above)

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little_bighorn_start1.jpg (69125 bytes)  little_bighorn_start_bull3.jpg (50989 bytes)  little_bighorn_start_custer4.jpg (56837 bytes)  little_bighorn_start2.jpg (74696 bytes)

Little Bighorn Battle starting point (above)

little_bighorn_gate1.jpg (33471 bytes)  little_bighorn_memorial1.jpg (50528 bytes)  little_bighorn_national_cemetry1.jpg (67897 bytes)  little_bighorn_custer_grave1.jpg (33088 bytes)
Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument (above)

Wind Cave
National Park

wind_cave1.jpg (67875 bytes)  wind_cave3.jpg (92354 bytes)  wind_cave2.jpg (95865 bytes)  wind_cave4.jpg (63213 bytes)  wind_cave5.jpg (75691 bytes)


devils_tower2.jpg (72923 bytes)  devils_tower1.jpg (58921 bytes)  devils_tower3.jpg (39851 bytes)
Devil's Tower

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joe_group.jpg (57095 bytes)  joe_home.jpg (67432 bytes)  john_dewayne.jpg (71490 bytes)  vicki_joe.jpg (60516 bytes)  vicki_cheryl.jpg (73630 bytes)
Visiting with friends in Spokane.

Mt. Spokane (below left & center) Spokane Falls (below right)

mtspokane_view1.jpg (93520 bytes)  mtspokane_slopes1.jpg (65755 bytes)  spokane_falls1.jpg (54011 bytes)

The Mountains along the way (below)

mountains2.jpg (26207 bytes)  mountains1.jpg (45052 bytes)  mountains3.jpg (38706 bytes)

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glacier_park2.jpg (94532 bytes)  glacier_park1.jpg (60512 bytes)  glacier_park3.jpg (34616 bytes)  glacier_park4.jpg (67329 bytes)  glacier_park_bear1.jpg (45462 bytes)  glacier_park6.jpg (60640 bytes)
Glacier National Park

Hungry Horse Dam Area (below)
hungry_horse_dam1.jpg (65904 bytes)  hungry_horse_dam_bearsign1.jpg (82021 bytes)  hungry_horse_dam_road1.jpg (77869 bytes)

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Rest Parks along the way

rest_park1.jpg (58476 bytes)  rest_park2.jpg (56443 bytes)  rest_park3.jpg (46196 bytes)
Idaho, Montana & South Dakota (above)

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