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Sandy Corley Memorial Run
June 18 & 19, 2004
Bridgeton, Michigan

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Since we are members of the Fremont, Michigan HOG Chapter
and Chapter 4 of the Forgotten Eagles of Michigan. Most of our photos include them.

june2004scmr_003.jpg (217436 bytes)  june2004scmr_005.jpg (188300 bytes)  june2004scmr_007.jpg (197576 bytes)
Cookout at the campsite (above).
Forgotten Eagles Chapter 4 selling products (below).
june2004scmr_015.jpg (279855 bytes)

june2004scmr_033.jpg (246651 bytes)  june2004scmr_017.jpg (132624 bytes)  june2004scmr_053.jpg (213584 bytes)
Even though it rained a bit, all was not lost.
A rainbow came out, the band played and everyone enjoyed themselves.
Forgotten Eagles tended bar in the beer tent (below).

june2004scmr_025.jpg (284095 bytes)    june2004scmr_022.jpg (317926 bytes)  june2004scmr_039.jpg (256794 bytes)

  june2004scmr_046.jpg (203673 bytes)  june2004scmr_047.jpg (172132 bytes)  june2004scmr_049.jpg (284496 bytes)

Our daughter, Crystal and Jack joined in the festivities (above).
The fireworks were great! (below).
june2004scmr_060.jpg (170394 bytes)
  june2004scmr_068.jpg (235971 bytes)  june2004scmr_081.jpg (202717 bytes)  june2004scmr_086.jpg (193367 bytes)

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