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Ride to Washington, D.C. for Rolling Thunder XIX
Memorial Day Weekend 2006


Friday, May 26th

On the way to Washington D.C.  we rode along Lincoln Highway enjoying the scenery. We spotted a sign for the Flight 93 Temporary Memorial in Summerset County, close to Shanksville, PA. It started to rain as we got closer, but that did not stops us from paying our respects to these heroes. Circled flag shows the crash site.
Just as we arrived in Gettysburg it quit raining. It was a perfect opportunity to shed our rain gear, eat some lunch
and also visit the Battlefield H.D Dealership (one of our favorites) before arriving in Washington D.C.  

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Prior to and after the Candle Light Vigil at the Wall. Later Friday evening we took some shots of Vietnam War Memorial, The Reflecting Pool, The Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial and the Korean War Memorial. Playing with the night settings on my camera made the Korean War figures almost come alive. On Saturday afternoon. We enjoyed a free lunch and registered to receive a National H.O.G. event pin at Ft.Washington H.D. Dealership Party. On the way back to the motel, we stopped at another area dealership also hosting a party.

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Saturday, May 27th

We visited Arlington National Cemetery first thing on Saturday morning. 

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Sunday, May 28th

We got up early and headed to the Pentagon parking lot. Lots of time to walk around, take photos and look at all the bikes. Good thing we arrived early. There were so many riders that the 2nd parking lot was used also. After the parade started we only had to wait about an hour to ride.

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So many people waiting just to see this parade. Many of them holding flags.
You have to participate in this parade to believe it. Viewing the photos is another option.

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After the parade we stayed to listen to the speakers. So inspiring! We didn't stay for the music that followed.

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We hope you enjoyed viewing all of our trip to D.C. photos.

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