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playing poker online

Poker is a widely known card game, often played in cardrooms (especially within casinos). The players make bets during the rounds into a central pot, keeping their cards hidden. The game also implies hand ranking. The winner is the player who has the best combination of cards. These days, we also have the possibility to play poker online!

A poker room’s revenues are partially made by retaining a small sum of the money wagered by each player in every pot. The respective amount of money which the house takes out of the pot is called a rake. On the other hand, the rakeback represents a percentage of the rake, paid back to the player for having signed up for the poker room on a poker site. The rakeback is paid by the poker room itself or by a third party, an affiliate having the role of promoting the poker rooms. But the involvement of this third party can have negative results and bring about different problems. If something happens to the third party, the player will receive no more rakeback from the poker room. This is a good reason for you to choose only a site you can trust: our site! You should know that only a few affiliates provide online poker rakeback programs and that there are many poker players who do not even have the slightest idea about the fact that rakeback exists!

The rake is calculated differently, depending on each site. There are two basic methods of calculating it: the contributing method taking into consideration the sum every person adds to the pot – and the dealt method the total rake is divided between all the mr green casino players. The rakeback will vary depending on that. The corresponding money is automatically transferred to your account through the poker room every month.

Online poker is gambling game popular everywhere in the world. It is an exciting way of entertainment which you can now play anytime you want, at home, in front of your computer! Online poker rakeback programs started to appear and develop only recently and address the experienced poker players who, being extremely devoted customers have the right to demand a part of the money paid for the rake. This is what the rakeback mainly refers to: retrieving a part (an important part) of the money!

There are many reasons why you should choose online poker rakeback programs. As a first motivation, it is an opportunity for you to earn more and more money as you play: the more time you spend on the internet playing, the more money the rakeback will bring directly to your pocket. So, even when you loose, you still have something to win. It’s not so important to win any more. The truly important thing is to play! Besides the fact that a rakeback is totally free to obtain, you also have the advantage of getting your bonuses immediately. There is no reason why you should not benefit from this chance!

Applying to obtain an online poker rakeback involves so many benefits, that every single player should try it. You have absolutely nothing to lose, but you can win a lot if you do apply. Especially if you are one of the addicted poker players who simply love to play and gamble. Joining an online poker rakeback program will actually help you earn and save thousands of dollars a month and we all want money! It is a reliable way of increasing your profits!