Livebetting with Bwin and Unibet


The fast growth of cyberspace networking brought along a new component to sports betting, by introducing the latest concept of livebetting or online betting. This opportunity is provided by Bwin and Unibet, famous sport betting bookmakers on the internet.

If you are an unexampled punter who chose sports betting, then you should know that there a lot of things to be learned. Start by finding out the names of some reliable bookmakers and learn the specific vocab of sports betting. First and foremost, make sure yourself that the name of the bookmaker chosen for online betting is trustworthy., whose purpose is to help those who want to start with sports betting, makes pertinent recommendations with regard to the best bookmakers, with a license in one of the European Union countries. The list comprises names such Bwin, Unibet, Sportingbet, or Betfair, to mention only a few.

Unibet is a mature Scandinavian bookmaker, whose financial power makes it one of the most reliable bookmakers worldwide. Don’t worry! You don’t have to speak Swedish in order to be able to find odds or place livebets. You can choose one of the versions made available by the website in French, English, Spanish, Italian, or German. Unibet bookmaker policy establishes a minimum deposit of 25 €, a minimum stake of 1 € and a minimum withdrawal of 5 €. You can practice livebetting, but no betting exchange. With Unibet, punters can bet on disciplines forgotten by other bookmakers, such as tennis or mechanical sports. And what’s more, a livescore and sport statistics has been set up recently!

Another trustworthy first-rate bookmaker is Bwin, a German bookmaker most accessible for beginners especially. Bwin proposes many types of sports betting and contests. On the Bwin welcome page, the selection of betting can be done in one of the internationally used languages – French, English, Spanish, Italian, as well as in Greek, Portuguese, and Czech. The minimal placing is of only 0.1 €, and for beginners or those less inspired the bookmaker can make a selection of the 5 most popular betting. Bwin is typically recommended for beginners because it offers a large choice for the different modes of deposit available, practices low minimal placing and minimal deposits, as well as a quite high bonus for a new subscription.

The bonus given by the bookmaker is one of the guiding principles in your choice. Both Unibet and Bwin offer interesting bonuses. The 30€ Bwin bonus is granted to new customers only; it is exclusive and can be obtained only by accessing the classical link of Bwin. What is interesting with this bonus is the fact that Bwin doubles your first deposit, meaning you spent 30 €, and still you have 60€ in your player account. On the other hand, Unibet bonus for subscription is of only 15 €, offered in paid back betting. But check this out: no promotional code to enter, and if your first betting is loosing, Unibet grants you the money back.

In this industry the rewards follow the risks. Therefore, the odds from minimal placing does not compare by far with those following a bigger placing. Each bookmaker has specific rules regarding minimal and maximal placing. For maximal placing over 200€, the bankers reserve the right to run some verifications before validating the betting, which could take from a few hours to three days at the most, depending on the amount.