Jackpots Coming In Handy At Online Casinos During Holiday Season

jackpots coming in

Every year, dozens of online casino players are treated to a little extra when it comes to the holidays. When the month turns to December, players start seeking out last minute bonuses, and many receive those bonuses in the form of an online slot jackpot.

There is only a little over a week left until Christmas, and some people will be giving a little extra this year thanks to some hot online slot games. As recently as one hour ago, one lucky player won over $4,000 on a Marvel Extra Power slot game.

CashSplash, one of the most populat slots in the world of online casinos, has given one player enough money to change their lives. The CashSplash jackpot was hit for $38,496 in the past day. The game can be played at many of the top casinos on the Internet.

LotsaLoot and Mega Moolah Major are also games that can be frequently found giving out large sums of cash. Yesterday, LotsaLoot paid out $14,085, while Mega Moolah Major paid $17,875. The LotsaLoot jackpot also was hit today for $13,844.

The jackpots have not been limited to only slot games. Jackpot Dueces and caribbean Stud Poker have both been kind to players in the past day. Jackpot Deuces had its jackpot hit for $59,309, and Caribbean Stud Poker paid a player just short of $100,000.

The holidays will come and go quickly over the next couple of weeks, but online players in many regions will have large cash reminders. As the year comes to an end, the only question is how many more players will receive that extra bonus this year?