As Holidays Approach, Online Casino Jackpots Making Players Happy

jackpot big win

The holiday season has arrived and for online casinos that means a time to both give and receive. The online casinos are packed around the holidays with customers who have extra days off, and they also are rewarding these customers with frequent slot jackpots.

In the past day, some heavy jackpots have been hit at online casinos around the world. The largest of these jackpots came on a $5 Magic Slots game. The slot paid out one lucky customer $173,596, and was sandwiched in between several other Magic Slots jackpots.

CashSplash has always been a game that has attracted the online casino players, and the jackpots are a large reason why. On Saturday, the CashSplash jackpot was hit for $17,344. The CashSplash jackpot has now been hit four times in the past week.

One of the biggest jackpot hits of the past week took place on the Marvel Ultimate Power slot. The game paid $801,320, just short of one million dollars. The online player, however, that hit the jackpot will likely not be complaining anytime soon.

With the new year approaching, many online casinos have turned their attention to slot tournaments to ring in 2011. Several casinos are offering tournaments with guaranteed prize pools that are over a hundred thousand dollars.

The online casino industry is changing on a daily basis, with many companies merging to try and create super-companies that can win control of the industry, but as 2010 comes to an end, online gamblers can take solace in the fact that all of these casinos are still giving away large amounts of money with their slot jackpots leading into the holidays.