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On the Homefront

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 24april2007spring011.jpg (360231 bytes)  herbP1010006.jpg (359184 bytes)     frontyard_june2005_P6120211.jpg (471124 bytes)
What our place looks like in the Spring (above) What it looks like in the Summer (below)
P1010184a.jpg (144281 bytes)     roadview_july2005_P7180039.jpg (452402 bytes)     center_island_july2005_P7180022.jpg (348506 bytes)     flowers_july2005_P7180015.jpg (518308 bytes)

fall1010006.jpg (339011 bytes)     pampass1010004.jpg (375370 bytes)
What it looks like in the Fall (above). What it looks like in the Winter (below).
homePB260011.JPG (241330 bytes)     18nov2005frontporchviewP1010004.jpg (288683 bytes)     18nov2005pondP1010003.jpg (286046 bytes)

Several photos of our flowers, activities, etc are stored in Photobucket Albums
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