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Patriot Guard Riders Mission for SSGT Matt Maupin
April 26 & 27, 2008 in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Michigan PGR members met in Dundee, Michigan in route to Cincinnati. Gusting winds on our ride through Michigan, lead us to beautiful sunny skies of Ohio. It felt like we were traveling forward in time. Not only were their trees open and flowering, but also the Lilacs. We arrived in the late afternoon, checked into our various lodging and met back at the Union Township Civic Center, where Matt's 20-hour visitation took place. Passing by the PGR members who lined the walk, holding flags. DeWayne and I were proud to be 2 of the estimated 10,000 people that passed by his casket. A fitting tribute to an American Hero. (no photos taken inside) There was a slide show with photos of Matt growing up and in school. Here's a link to the Maupin Family Photo Album found online. Afterwards, we took our turn standing the flag line and also took additional photos. Click here for photos. Later we were treated to a wonderful meal provided by the Gold Star Mothers.  

Sunday morning we joined thousands of other PGR members in the parking lot of the Maupin's Yellow Ribbon Support Center.  Found a few Indiana PGR members, but no one we had met previously. Met up with some others from Michigan too. Click here to view photos. Click here to view a short video clip of the entire group in the parking lot.

The police were wonderful, blocking onramps and providing an escort to the ball park were Matt's funeral took place. Click here for ride photos.

PGR was divided into 3 groups. One group stood the flag line at the cemetery. Another group stood the flag line inside the ball park at the funeral. And the third (ours) group stood the flag line at our bikes as the escort passed by. Click here to view the photos.

Not sure what kind of weather we would encounter, we made the hard decision to head home after the funeral started. Sadly missing the final procession to the cemetery. After a long ride home and the cool Michigan evening air, we arrived safely about 9:45PM. Extremely chilled, but thankful for the opportunity to show our support and appreciation. 

Photos from others:  Ray Crawford Photo Album


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