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Our Trip to Alabama
December 29, 2005 - January 2, 2006
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We couldn't ride the new bike here so we headed south with the truck and a borrowed trailer. After several hours of driving, we stopped in Alabama at the Ardmore Welcome Center (I-65 south of the Tennessee state line). They also had a wonderful Veterans Memorial. (below)
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Stopped at Rocket H.D. were we admired the "Army" military themed bike. (above)

We stayed close to Birmingham, were we got an early start the next morning. (below)
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We stopped at the dealer in Montgomery, had the best Bar-B-Q for lunch, rode to the dealer in Dothan and back. (above)
The next day we let the GPS lead us thru Alabama's countryside where we came across Magnolia Grove. (below)
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As we continued riding, we enjoyed the sunshine and admired the scenery. 
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We forgot to ask someone to take a photo of us together with the new bike so we took one of each other.
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